he they 9teen 11.27.01
bisexual asexual estp nm taken japanese + puerto rican vampire & onlyfans au
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LIKES nai, turtles, reptiles, annoying yui nd miina, screaming lyrics, screaming in people's ears... during hyper moments, editing, shopping, making themes, helping others D:

DISLIKES dark chocolate, kota, needles, the words "k" "no one cares", white people, cancers, taurus', ignorance, hiccups, being ignored

☀️ sagittarius 🌙 libra ↑gemini
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the boyz : kevin, eric, jacob, changmin,
loona : vivi, chuu, gowon, choerry, heejin
txt : hyucka, beomie, soobin
itzy : lia, chaeryong, ryujin
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bg's : bts, astro, DPR live (yes, they're a group..), 1team, got7, svt
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byf : black nd minor ooc, reclaims slurs, has hyper moments, kinda really blunt, please tell me if i hurt ur feelings or made u feel uncomfy in dms, im nm nd taken i luh nai nd nai only, don't really use tone indicators that much unless really needed
dni : if ur white ooc, fc minors, have lgbtq+ characters but ooc is str8, ur a white engene blink and exo l, you don't like any of my friends, ur sensitive, ur homophobic, ur racist, you support/stan problematic people nd groups
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